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6 September
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It's all about honesty in the writing. That's what they say.

The thing is, with honesty, you've got to be merciless, heartless, unflinching as
you throw out words to land where they may, and this internet thing with its
connections and networking and keeping up with family and friends, well... I just
don't have it in me. They might not like what I have to say, these family and
friends and network connections.

So just keep it quiet, right? Put up the menial and artificial and let them wonder
when your status message doesn't change for days, or play it off as one of your
little quirks.
Yeah. Don't have that in me, either.

So I slink off to some as yet undiscovered corner of the internet to plant down
my brain matter and watch what grows. One day they might find it, but until
then we can have a little honesty, you and me. Just between friends.

I don't promise regular entries or any sort of consistency.
All I promise is the writing and the honesty.